What 100 Sixth Graders Taught Me About Leadership

Mar 31, 2022

Before becoming the 3rd generation President of Ramar Foods, Susie Quesada taught sixth grade. In this Tugboat Institute® talk, Susie reflects on her leadership style and connects lessons from teaching to her work as President of an Evergreen® company. Her focus on listening, educating, team-building, and creating effective processes for growth and development all have roots in her experience in the classroom. As well as how her experience as an educator is reflected in her commitment to creating culture, striving for effective collaboration, and making the most of every “teachable moment” to improve the company and train her team.

Susie’s lessons from teaching pair nicely with learning from more traditional business models and thought leaders, including Stephen Covey, LEAN, and Kaizen. Together, Susie’s experiences in leadership in the classroom and at Ramar Foods shaped her leadership philosophy and keep her company growing, thriving, and learning.


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