Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats, a premium tropical brand owned and operated by Ramar Foods in the United States.  Our line of scoop shops serve the ultimate Filipino dessert experience – Halo Halo.

At Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats, we use only the finest ingredients to craft our delicious and unique ice cream flavors.  From our classic Ube ice cream to our tropical Mango and Buko Pandan, every scoop is bursting with authentic Filipino flavor.  But that’s not all – Our scoop shops serve the ultimate Filipino experience – Halo Halo. This traditional treat is a blend of delicious shaved ice, sweet beans, fresh fruit, and a scoop of our premium ice cream.  It’s the perfect way to beat the heat and enjoy The Flavor of the Philippines.

We believe that quality and taste should never be compromised.  That’s why we never used artificial flavors or preservatives in our ice cream.  Every scoop is made with care and passion, ensuring that you get the freshest and most delicious treat every time.  Visit one of our scoop shops today and indulge in the taste of the Philippines.  Experience the authentic flavors of Magnolia Ice Cream and Treats and fall in love with our delicious halo halo.   

We also serve Hawaiian shaved ice, milkshakes, sliders and other Filipino specialties such as siopao, siomai, ice scramble and hotdog.

Our Story

While you can enjoy our ice cream on your couch, you can have the whole experience right at our stores in Hawaii and Las Vegas! Beyond ice cream, we have different kinds of halo-halo treats that will bring you back to the beach.

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