Magnolia USA Brand

Magnolia is a premium brand owned and operated by the Ramar Foods brand family. All Magnolia premium frozen food products are made to match the palate of Filipino families in the diaspora. Eat Magnolia prides itself to keep the culture alive through cultivating Filipino food culture among Filipino families all over the world. Check out our recipe page for more Filipino flavor goodness and ideas!

Our Story

The Magnolia brand first made its appearance in the Golden State in 1972. As the Filipino community grew in California so did the need for all Filipino flavors. Due to high demands Ramar Foods recreated all the Filipinos favorite from tropical ice cream to breakfast meat and snacks. Magnolia now offers an array of products that covers all your cravings from breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and desserts. Find Magnolia products in stores near you!

For your Filipino meals or merienda, eat Magnolia!

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