What Is Calamansi?

Calamansi, also known as calamondin here in the US, is a citrus fruit, half the size of a lime, with its flavor described as a very sour lemon combined with the sweet tangy flavor of an orange. They ripen to a bright orange color, but can still be picked while they’re green. Despite of the color of the calamansi, it will still deliver the same tart and tangy deliciousness contained inside a very small ball-shaped citrus fruit.

This citrus fruit is ubiquitous to the Philippines, it is use in many cuisines mostly to enhance flavors of many foods such as pancit, arroz caldo (lugaw), and sometimes as a dipping sauce mixed with soy sauce for crispy pata, siomai, and fried fish. In addition, you can even create lemonade with this fruit! Just add some water, a little bit of sugar and honey, and you’ve got yourself a refreshing calamansinade.

The tangy flavor of calamansi, it has its own nutritional benefits as well! Almost like all citrus fruits, calamansi is rich in Vitamin C, which is said to boost immunity. This small fruit is also known to be rich in potassium, Vitamin A, and calcium!

Our Story

The tangy flavors of calamansi have been enjoyed in many Filipino households. As the history explodes with the growing population of Filipinos in the United States, Manila Gold brings the flavors of pure calamansi to your everyday meals. Use it as your secret ingredient to your recipe, juice it for your health needs, or make it your “sawsawan” to wake up your palate.

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