Prepare to savor the exquisite delights of the Best Lumpia Ever®, alongside the delectable Filipino longanisa sausages and mouthwatering tocino meats, all ready to grace your kitchen.

For over five decades, Orientex has proudly brought the timeless essence of Filipino cuisine to American households. Our acclaimed best lumpia ever has earned a special place in the hearts of Filipino Americans, setting the standard for taste and quality. Furthermore, our Filipino longanisas and tocinos make for a delightful addition to your breakfast or any meal, promising an authentic taste of the Philippines with each bite. We are delighted to be your culinary companions on this flavorful journey.

Our Story

The company now recognized as Ramar Foods had its beginnings as Orientex back in 1969. Our founder, Maria Quesada, initially offered imported furniture and jewelry to fellow Filipinos in search of goods from the Philippines. However, as she saw the burgeoning Filipino community in California, she recognized the need to provide authentic Filipino meats. Her journey began with Sweet Pork Longanisa under the Orientex brand.

Today, Orientex proudly offers a diverse selection of Filipino breakfast meats and lumpia, gaining recognition in both major and independent Asian markets. As the matriarch among Ramar’s brands, our aim is to bring the cherished flavors reminiscent of your Lola’s cooking straight into your home. We’re committed to preserving the culinary traditions that have warmed the hearts of generations, delivering the taste of home with every meal.

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