In 2016, Ramar committed to #cleanenergy in our headquarters in the SF Bay Area. A solar panel cell system was installed to offset power usage that goes into the offices, cold storage and manufacturing lines, preventing nearly one million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions with the help of Bloom Energy. With the new upgraded system, Ramar Foods is expected to decrease its carbon footprint from energy use by an additional 12%. With the new, upgraded Bloom Servers, Ramar Foods is now expected to offset 330,000 lbs of CO2 annually, the equivalent of planting 2,475 trees each year OR equivalent to 51.5 homes powered for a whole year OR 31,897 gallons of gasoline saved. Bloom’s upgraded servers also use 40% less space than the prior model, while providing the same clean energy Ramar relies on to make its products.

This is just the beginning. Ramar is looking to further cultivate a more eco-clean model with more energy saving efforts for a healthier planet.

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