Revellers at Pittsburg Seafood Festival try Ube ice cream for the first time and liked it!

Sep 8, 2018

By: Theo Capulong

Right by the beautiful Pittsburg Marina, the historical Pittsburg Seafood and Music Festival is officially hosting its 34th year of celebration this year since it was very first held in 1984. And with a festival as big as this, it was only right that we take part among all of the celebration and spread happiness with a bowl of our delicious Magnolia Ice Cream!

There were a lot of activities and  entertainment lined up, consisting of many different performers and a  variety of foods and beverages prepared for the event goers to enjoy, we thought it would be perfect to provide them with delicious ice cream to be able to top everything right off! Seeing the natural happy reactions that our first time customers make when they take their very first bite of our Ube ice cream was amazing! And with a smile on their faces after a spoonful, that’s when we knew that we were able to achieve what we wanted. Nothing else provides us with any more motivation than seeing customers’ and satisfaction with the foods that we provide for them.

With the time of the month signifying the very near end of summer, it was a great way to celebrate with a bowl of delicious ice cream, great crowd and great vibe during the festival.

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