May 17, 2020

Frozen Filipino Food Company Faces Demand Surge for Food During Challenging Times

PITTSBURG, CA — Filipino food manufacturer Ramar Foods will continue operating despite the shelter-in-place emergency order issued by Contra Costa County. “Deemed an essential business, food producers have a unique responsibility to do all within our power to ensure an uninterrupted supply of food products during these trying times,” says Susan Quesada, President. “Ramar Foods is rising to answer the call.” Essential businesses include those directly involved with food supply, healthcare, infrastructure , and some public services.

The now effective order directing all residents to shelter at home for the next three weeks was issued Monday by Ori Tzvieli, the Deputy Health Officer for Contra Costa County to combat the spread of COVID-19, also known as the Coronovirus. The county is one amongst seven Bay Area counties with shelter-in-place in effect.

To tackle the surge in demand for food triggered by Coronavirus panic buying, the employees of Ramar Foods will be doubling up in their efforts to continue production without interruption, while maintaining maximum employee and food safety precautions in the Pittsburg based facility.

“Our utmost concern is for employees and the safety of those in our community,” says HR Manager Maggie Carrillo. “We also have a greater role to nourish our community by making sure our food is available . We are following the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, California Department of Public Health, and Contra Costa County Dept of Public Health updates hourly”

About Ramar Foods

​Founded in 1969, Ramar’s goal is to bring the flavors of the Philippines to your household. Ramar foods is committed to manufacturing your favorite frozen Filipino food products. Ramar’s success for 50 years of experience in the industry is attributed to its people, its deep relationship with the Filipino diaspora and a commitment to understanding what brings satisfaction to Filipino families.

During their first years, they started with a vision of being the premier Filipino food company that will bring nostalgia to Filipino households and at the same time, give a snapshot of the Filipino experience to non-Filipinos all over the world. Today, we have grown to be America’s #1 Filipino Food company serving communities across North America and beyond.

Continuously being family owned and operated, they commit to nourishing our community through its legacy of family food products

For more information, visit www.ramarfoods.com

Press Contact: Roland Theo Capulong

Group: Divine Creative Studios (on behalf of Ramar Foods)

Email: theo@divinecreativestudio.com

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