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North America (US / Canada)

Ramar foods started manufacturing and distribution in North America. Started of with lumpia (egg rolls), the company has expanded its selection to meats, ice cream, calamansi packets, shumai and siopao (Filipino bao). As the ice cream line has continued to grow, we opened a few store fronts in San Francisco, Hawaii and Las Vegas. 


Europe is a new emerging marketing for Ramar foods. Our ice cream products are now available Asian stores in Europe including United Kingdom and Italy. 

Middle East

Ramar started reaching for Middle East a year and a half ago with meats and eventually distributed ice cream as well. Like Europe, it's a new emerging market that we want to continuously grow. Right now, both meats and ice cream are available at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. 


The newest in the Ramar regions, ice cream started churning in Australia and New Zealand.

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