Magnolia Ice Cream
Magnolia ice cream is known as THE PREMIUM ICE CREAM, carefully crafted to bring consumers the tropical fruits to experience endless summers. The fruits are familiar and flavors that everybody knows including mango, avocado, coconut, purple yam and all other tropical fruit goodness churned into a delicious, creamy ice cream. We've been making UBE ice cream for over 45 years and have been producing them even before it became a trend in the United States. Available in big tubs, pints and bars.
Orientex Lumpia
Carefully rolled since the 70's, Orientex lumpia has become the lumpia favorite of FIlipinos in America. Its comforting flavors have been enjoyed for many years by families in their dining table. Orientex is the first product of Ramar foods that has gained popularity even to non-Filipinos in North America.
Bestaste comes in Shumai (Asian dumpling) or Siopao (Filipino baos) designed for snacking through its easy to prepare feature. Both the Shumai and Siopao comes in a variety of flavors to give the experience of Chinese-Filipino street food experience from the Philippines.
Manila Gold
The tangy--sometimes sour, sometimes sweet--flavors of calamansi have been enjoyed in many Filipino households. With the growing population of Filipinos in the United States, Manila Gold brings the flavors of pure calamansi to everyday meals. Its versatility can be used as an ingredient to recipes, juice, or dip.
Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats
Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats is the halo halo place. We bring the best way to experience Magnolia’s tropical ice cream and let consumers experience their endless summer right at our stores. It’s a place to get a variety of our signature halo halo, known as the popular Filipino shaved ice dessert. Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats stores in the United States and can be found in Hawaii, San Francisco and Las Vegas.
Pampanga's Best
Pampanga’s Best has a selection of cured Meats and Lumpia. Carefully crafted for Filipino/Asian breakfast, Pampanga’s best offers a variety of options to consumers and food service customers.
Magnoila Meats
Magnolia Meats brings the memories of a Filipino breakfast. With recipes inspired by the typical Filipino household, Magnolia Meats is carefully cured to get the best breakfast experience for families in North America.
Turo-Turo Gourmet Meats
Turo-Turo is designed for Filipino/Asian Family potlucks and parties. Well marinated with the flavors needed to achieve an easy to heat/cook prepared meals that consumers can bring to their family gatherings.
Primo Sorbetero is an emerging brand in Ramar’s new regions. The creamy ice cream carefully crafted to bring Filipinos/Asians in the diaspora the flavors they crave. Available in local Asian stores in Europe, Middle East and Australia.
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